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    Who We Are?

    Commonly most of us think that a professional Legal Document Assistant is an independent paralegal.  Shasta county Legal Document Assistants are only authorized to prepare, file, and serve legal documents. instruction and needs. LDA is not an attorney and can’t offer legal opinions or advice.

    Importance Of Hiring An LDA

    • Shasta county Legal Document Assistants are the economic option to sort out all legal document issues faced by common individuals.
    • It is a great option to assure your documents are filed the same day with no added hassles or confusion.
    • There is a great demand for high-quality legal services. An attorney charges thousands of dollars to prepare legal forms and represent you in court. However, consulting with an LDA first, offers you with best legal services in Shasta California. Whether you are seeking assistance with court forms or legal typing services, we have an LDA in your area, who specializes in your case.


    Solve Your Legal Issues With Us

    • Evaluating legal issues without any help from a professional is not always a good idea. An LDA effectively manages your legal documentation needs, from starting your divorce  to finalizing your divorce, for instance. Legal Document Assistants help you every step of the way.
    • If you want to proceed with your case but at some point, you face difficulties, an LDA can assist you with gathering all supportive documents and preparing all required legal forms. An immediate consultation from a Shasta county Legal Document Assistant can solve issues in no time.
    • Self help legal books and guides offer the basic ideas on how to deal with legal issues, but they do not provide information on how to properly prepare court forms and legal documents. An LDA that has education and experience preparing legal documents is needed to be able to file your court documents worry free and with ease.

    Easy Legal Services For You

    We offer professional legal aid and complete legal documents and court forms with top-rated LDAs. We provide legal documentation assistance for various cases and offer all the documents you need from start to finish. We inform you of the legal process and assist with filing and serving documents.


    Some Services We Offer To Our Clients:

    • Divorce and Legal Separation
    • Child Custody, Child Support, and Visitation
    • Restraining Orders
    • Incorporation nonprofit 501(C)(3) & 501(C)(4)
    • Living Trust
    • Eviction

    Don’t Forget

    • An LDA is not a lawyer that offers legal advice. An LDA can not represent you in court. We can only offer legal document preparation services in Shasta county, for self represented clients.
    • An LDA is not allowed to represent their client with any legal proceeding in the court.
    • Always remember to cross-verify that your legal Document Assistant is registered and bonded with the County Recorder. If not then he/she may be operating illegally.

    We are serving

    Our team of skilled and experienced Legal Document Assistants are dedicated to giving you the best solutions in Shasta county.

    Start Legal Services Online

    Start our easy online intake form and pay online from the comfort of your own home. All documents are hand prepared by a registered LDA. Before finalizing the documents, we allow our clients to review them and make any necessary changes or edits. We email the documents to you directly, once they are ready for signature. You can sign them easily online and return them to us for filing.

    We strive to prepare all necessary legal documents to our clients in a quick and timely manner.



    Legal Document Assistants Team Of Registered Process Servers. Whether You Need Stake Out Services


    Registered Unlawful Detainer Assistants Prepare Eviction Notice and Serve Tenants Same Day.


    Mobile Notary Signing Agents Available All Hours. Local Mobile Notary Signing Agents


    Legal Document Assistants Fast Same Day Small Claims Court Filing And Service Of Process.


    Legal Document Assistants Helps Many Clients With Estate Planning Services.


    Registered And Bonded Team Of Legal Document Assistants.


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    If you want to file a probate in California, the probate law does not require..


    Transferring a real estate title in California is a straightforward process..





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