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    What Is A Legal Document Assistant, LDA?

    If you are seeking legal aid from a paralegal, they must be a registered Legal Document Assistant, LDA. The main difference between an LDA and an attorney is that an LDA can not provide legal advice and can not represent you in court. Sutter county LDAs offer legal document preparation services for its clients.

    A paralegal works directly under an attorney’s supervision and can not collect money directly from clients. The attorney bills the client for the paralegal hours that have been performed, which is generally all the legal document preparation. This can cost thousands of dollars. Legal Document Assistants have a required educational background and certificate, from an American Bar Association approved Legal Studies program to register as an LDA. Paralegals are not mandated to meet these requirements.

    LDA Benefits And Consultations

    • Consulting with an LDA is the pocket-friendly option to affordable legal services in Sutter county.
    • Some legal cases do come with a ton of confusion but one single consultation from an LDA can inform you about the legal process and solve your legal issues with accurate legal document preparation.
    • If you want to experience the best legal aid in the industry at an affordable price, a Sutter county LDA can assist you every step of the way.


    The Legal Necessity For An LDA

    • It is quite natural that many people don’t know much about the legal process regarding their case. An LDA offers the best legal aid for self represented individuals.
    • If you had already planned your course of action but got stuck with a legal proceeding, you should appoint an LDA to prepare your legal documents.
    • Self-help legal books can be confusing and time consuming. Considering hiring a Legal Document Assistant in Sutter county will give you a clear understanding of the legal process and a worry free experience.

    LDAs Mission

    • Our mission to our clients is to provide quality legal assistance, which is affordable and easy to obtain.
    • We have the most highly knowledgeable LDAs with years of experience preparing and filing legal documents.


    Here are a few examples of our services:

    • Divorce and other “Family law” matters
    • Powers of Attorney
    • Evictions
    • Child Custody
    • Settlement Agreements
    • Notary and many more.

    LDA Non Attorney Disclosure

    • Always keep in mind that a Legal Document Assistant is not a lawyer. LDAs can prepare legal documents at the client’s direction. We offer self help legal aid to self represented individuals.
    • Sutter county LDAs can’t offer legal advice or opinions. LDAs are not allowed to represent clients in court.
    • Always cross-verify that you hired a Sutter county LDA, that is registered and bonded at the County Recorder’s office. You can ask to see an LDA’s photo registration card and check the expiration date.

    We are serving

    LDA PRO is dedicated to providing top-notch solutions that can resolve all your legal issues with great ease. We are serving across in Sutter including-

    Start Legal Services Online

    Start our easy online intake form and pay online from the comfort of your own home. All documents are hand prepared by a registered LDA. Before finalizing the documents, we allow our clients to review them and make any necessary changes or edits. We email the documents to you directly, once they are ready for signature. You can sign them easily online and return them to us for filing.

    We strive to prepare all necessary legal documents to our clients in a quick and timely manner.



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