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If you are a landlord then the process of tenant eviction is no new to you. But if you are new to this area, know one thing eviction processes are never easy. You cannot just knock on their door and ask them to leave your property and they leave. Wish it was that easy, but sadly it is not. You have to take help from Residential Tenant Eviction Services to be precise and shorten the eviction process.

The eviction notice

Residential Tenant Eviction Services will be helping you in this process. If the tenant is uncooperative and refuses to resolve the matter quietly, or even agrees to depart the property, the landlord may issue an eviction notice. The eviction notice can be used to dispute and determine not just a temporary term tenancy, but also a fixed term tenancy.

The appropriate wording and inclusion of all relevant information in an Eviction notice are critical since there have been situations when the claims were dismissed solely due to mistakes in the Eviction notice. The following are the basic components of an eviction notice:

The notice

The notification must be written and authorized by or on behalf of the landlord or the person providing it.

Justified and valid reason

The landlord cannot publish an eviction notice simply because he wants to; he must have a solid and legal basis. The cause for asking the renter to leave must be reasonable and must not be based only on a desire for more goods. Your Residential Tenant Eviction Services will help you in this process and guide you through it. But still, here are the most essential things you must mention in the eviction notice:

  • The inability of the renter to pay rent (not on time or at all): If the tenant is even 15 days delinquent, the landowner has the option to evict the tenant. If the tenant does not cover the rent or chooses to leave the rented premises, an eviction notice may be delivered.
  • Renter inflicts harm to the landlord\’s business: If the tenant causes any damage to the landlord\’s property, the landlord has the right to remove the tenant.
  • Establishing health or safety risks on the lessor\’s premises: The tenant must use caution while doing anything else on the rented property, and if he does something that may endanger the landlord\’s or his family\’s health or safety, he may be requested to leave.
  • Infringement of the conditions of the rental or development by allowing by the lessee: The renter must adhere by all of the provisions consented to in the rental/lease agreement while entering into the contract and must not do anything that is contrary to the same.

When there is one co-owner

If somehow the landlord is not the only owner and has a co-owner, both co-owners may act as the landlord collectively, and any notice given by any of them is legitimate and lawful. Because “a co-owner is very much a proprietor of the full property as any solo owner of a property is,” one co-owner is the landlord, and a notice issued by him or a suit brought by him is both legally valid and adequate.

Terms of the notice

The landlord must issue an eviction notice that gives the tenant a reasonable amount of time to either depart the premises or make the required payments (whatever the case may be). The time granted must be in line with the terms already specified in the tenancy agreement, and if they have not been expressly included in the eviction notice, then adequate time should be given whereupon the tenant can be called in court in accordance with the state legislated acts.

The landlord may offer the renter one to 3 months to quit the property, based on the cause, relationships, and length of time the tenant has been staying/using the property. In the most extreme situations, it can last up to six months. Before the tenancy is terminated, at least 21 days are allowed, and occasionally 15 days if rent has not been paid for an extended period of time.

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What Really is the Distinction In between Paralegal and a Litigator?

The distinction between various job titles among legal practitioners is a typical source of misunderstanding for individuals outside the legal community. After all, in many countries, there are already paralegal businesses that provide services that may appear to everybody to be comparable to those provided by an attorney. So, what\’s the distinction between a lawyer and a paralegal? After knowing about paralegals and their job you might want to hire paralegal services Roseville more than a lawyer. Though both are distinct in their own workfield they both have one thing in common apart from law, business, and that is always wanting and doing what is best for you.

The difference between a lawyer and a paralegal 

Job duties

There is some similarity in the responsibilities done by attorneys and paralegals. Both are required to conduct extensive study and draught court documentation for the matter they are working on.

The primary distinction between a paralegal and a lawyer is their role in the courts. A paralegal\’s primary responsibility is case preparation, which includes gathering information about a case, preparing reports, filing and organizing relevant documentation, and scheduling interviews and depositions.

A lawyer has a more prominent position in the courtroom, as he or she will be confronting the judge or jury as well as interrogating the witnesses. Both play a vital part in effectively pursuing the matter that has been assigned to them, but the lawyer is undoubtedly in a more visible position.

Saying that, it is also true that sometimes on the behalf of a lawyer a paralegal can fill the gap and help you. They can also work as a notary, given the circumstances. So this is very clear the range of their paralegal services Roseville is very broad. Which the lawyer obviously lacks.

Study and education

One of the most significant distinctions between a lawyer and a paralegal is the level of learning and skills required to reach their different jobs. To become a fully trained lawyer, a paralegal must complete seven years of education, including four years of undergraduate study and three years of law school.

A lawyer faces further challenges after passing the LSAT and being admitted to law school. A lawyer must pass the bar exam in order to practice in their chosen state. In an instance, a paralegal just needs an associate\’s degree to make a start, which generally takes 2 years to graduate.

In a divorce procedure

Those going through a divorce may find it difficult to determine whether to employ a lawyer or a paralegal. Certain divorce situations may be complicated, necessitating legal counsel and, ultimately, the representation of a lawyer in court. However, if the divorce is relatively straightforward and most or all problems concerning the children and assets have been mutually agreed upon, then employing a paralegal may be a realistic and practical alternative. So sometimes hiring paralegal services Roseville seems to be a more intelligent idea.

Paralegals may have more expertise in court filing and processes than attorneys in some situations, while lawyers may have a larger body of knowledge on legal topics, they are not generally the ones who file the documents in court. Paralegals, on the other hand, are more involved in document filing and so have a better grasp of how the court operates.

Salary And Career Outlook

The average yearly pay for a lawyer is about $119,250, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). A paralegal, on the other hand, makes about $50,410 per year. While attorneys make nearly twice as much as paralegals, there are certain advantages to being a paralegal. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the service sector for attorneys will expand by just 8% throughout the next decade, which is about standard like most professionals. In comparison, the BLS anticipates that demand for qualified paralegals will climb by 15% during the same time period, nearly double the median wage for job growth.

Basically, The essential tasks and obligations of lawyers are continuous and somewhat of the same throughout the world, however, there is no uniformity in work responsibilities for paralegals. But if you are going through problems like deed transfer, living trust, then hiring paralegal services Roseville is a wise decision. We as a law firm also provide Eviction Sacramento, Living Trust Sacramento, Probate Paralegal Services, Divorce Roseville, process servers Sacramento service for you

The Process Servers: Introduction, history and their job

The title “process servers, ”  it is very popular in the courtroom. They are one of the most important personalities in a legal procedure. They are not just to do the paperwork, sometimes they can be more important personnel like a notary. But people who do not know about the law very much in detail have no clue about who process servers are and what they do. This blog aims to give you some perspective on the job and the introduction of a process server.

 Who are process servers?

Service of process may be done by anybody over the age of 18 who is not a party to the litigation. That individual might be a professional process server, a sheriff\’s deputy, or even a friend. A process server that delivers more than 10 official documents each year is required to register. The file with the clerk\’s office in the area where they live or have their main place of employment. Businesses that want to provide process solutions should also keep a registration certificate on file.

To serve legal papers, process servers are not obliged to complete a course or have a specialized degree. The process servers are responsible for knowing and interpreting the state\’s laws governing the service of legal papers. Process servers must additionally post a $2,000 bond or cash deposit.

The history of process servers

To begin describing what a technologically advanced server performs, let us first go through the history of how and why process servers are required. Process servers were designed as a communication system to alert persons of their constitutional provision to due process of the law by \”serving\” them with a message stating the precise legal problem that involved them. Historically, legal papers were generally served on persons by their state police. As cities grew in size, it became more difficult for local deputies to distribute court documents while also attending to legal matters under their jurisdiction. Servers were created because there was a demand for someone to deliver these papers lawfully and in a timely way.

The job of process servers

Delivering documents

Process servers are required for a variety of activities such as filing court filings, serving legal documents, and retrieving records. Their primary responsibility is to deliver or \”serve\” legal papers to a defendant or other person engaged in a court proceeding. In most situations, the process server has the subject\’s home or work address and may hand deliver the documents to the individual. A process server generally introduces himself and informs the person to whom the documents are being served that he is being served. If the individual refuses to take the documents, the process server just places them at his feet and records the location and time in his notes.

Serving process on evasive individuals

Some persons are aware that the process server is attempting to locate them in order to deliver legal paperwork, therefore they actively conceal themselves. The servers may occasionally stake out areas where their targets are expected to appear in order to deliver the paperwork. It may become a cat-and-mouse game, but most process servers avoid confrontations because they are generally unarmed and their sole duty is to deliver the paperwork.

Providing reports

Process servers must provide real evidence that legal papers were served after serving them. The verification provided is known as an affidavit of service or evidence of service, and it must be notarized and submitted to the individual or corporation that requested that the documents be served. Servers submit evidence for each engagement that includes the notes they take before to serving the papers as well as a summary of the results, such as whether or not the documents were accepted.

Significance of process servers

Process servers are an important element of civil society since they guarantee that legal papers are served in an efficient and acceptable manner. As a result, it is critical to be informed of your state\’s rules about the proper manner to serve a defendant properly.

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Why Should You opt for a Professional Eviction Service?

The tenant-landlord conflict is a never-ending issue! Sometimes there are no problems and everything is OK, but other time homeowners have to deal with unpleasant renters who do not pay their rent on time, listen to loud music, or engage in criminal activities. If you are also suffering from this, get professional eviction services now!

Here are the reasons why should you hire a professional eviction service

Ease of process

Your time, focus, energy, and commitment are all required during the eviction process. You have additional obligations as a landlord that you cannot ignore when dealing with the eviction procedure. If your renter is at your property in another city, but you have other homes and companies to handle in another area, you will be quite spaced out. Hiring specialists to handle the eviction process will make the overall situation more comfortable and simple for you and your family. So for a better time, and health management you should hire professional eviction services.

Mental Peace

Facing difficult renters is exhausting enough, but it will become even more so if you attempt to serve the termination notice yourself. Working through the procedures and attempting to communicate with difficult renters can lead to losing sleep and being anxious all of the time. Isn’t it preferable to shift this responsibility to those who have gone through it?

Tenant using loopholes to prevent eviction

This is a very common problem in today’s age. Tenants are using all tactics and loopholes to make them stay longer, some even try to make it permanent. For this reason you need to hire professional eviction services. If the cause for the eviction is nonpayment of rent, a tenant has a few legal options to contest the eviction. If you don’t really know the procedure through and out, you’re certain to run across some hurdles and along the way that you’re not sure how to deal with.

Remember that expert eviction service provider will know just how to serve these warnings, as well as what sorts of documents and proof you will want for the eviction to proceed. You’ll never have to wonder if you overlooked a step or missed an essential milestone this way.

Taking care of the details

Evicting a tenant entails a slew of legal nuances. For example, you must first provide notice and time for the renter to correct the issue. If they do not, a case must be filed in court with an eviction notice and a hearing request. If you, as a landlord, overlook any facts, the judge may decide in favor of the tenant, which you do not want. Professional tenant eviction services may assist you in staying on top of every legal detail and not missing anything.


Landlords are unlikely to risk repossession at the same rate as professional foreclosure service providers. These expert homeowner eviction service providers are seasoned and completely understand the eviction procedure because they have dealt with numerous cases over time. They will be able to comprehend your situation and assist you properly.


To evict a renter, you must first get him through a 30-day notice to vacate. Letting them one meaningful chance to repair whatever breached the agreement, pay their bills, and resume following the lease. If the renter does not comply, file a notice to vacate with the court.

It’s easy to get all of the legal ramifications of evicting a renter mixed up. If you overlook even one item, a court might easily decide in favor of your renter. When you engage a professional eviction agency, your case will be examined by an expert staff that is well-versed on the legalities of eviction. They will advise you on the best course of action to follow in order to resolve the complicated issue. Their knowledge of the subject will assist you in aligning every step to improve your chances of a successful end.

These are the rational reasons that show the importance of hiring professional eviction services.

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Seven Problems Landlords Face with Tenants

The landlord-tenant relationship has always been complicated. Landlords and property managers have many significant responsibilities to juggle, and even great landlords can struggle to stay on top of them all. That\’s why it\’s crucial to be aware of some of the common problems that landlords face so that you can try to prevent them from happening and quickly deal with issues when they arise.


There are a lot of reasons why tenants hold the rents from landlords. It could because of Cash Flow, Shortages, or Temporary Unemployment, to repair and maintenance disputes. Moreover, communication during this issue is quite essential, and as a landlord, you must understand the tenant and the nature of the problem and try negotiating the rent, if possible. Tenants also should try to pay the rent on time.


Tenants sometimes can create a bad reputation for the building. They create chaos, buy partying loudly, causing too much noise, and even quarreling with either neighbors or within themselves. Some of them even destroy the property and behave disrespectfully to the owner.

In such cases, the owner can give the tenants a legal notice with the help of paralegals, demanding damage costs or leaving the property.


Sometimes a tenant chooses not to respect the terms of the lease he signed. For instance, if there is a no pet policy and he brings a new dog into the house, he has violated the terms. If the lease says that no more than four unrelated people can live on the premises and he has seven or eight people staying every night, he has violated the lease. The landlord generally provides a written warning of the violation, references the portion of the lease that is being violated and gives the tenant a certain period to correct the problem. If the tenant still refuses to comply with the lease, the eviction process may need to be initiated.


A tenant can be evicted if they are using the premises for unlawful activity. It includes tenants distributing illegal substances out of the property.


Tenants have the right to live free from excessive disturbances and noise, and in multi-family units, occupants can be evicted for disturbing the peace for others in the building. If you go this route, be sure to specify the nature of the disruptive behavior in the Notice to Quit, whether it\’s frequent loud parties, loud music, or too much noise after quiet hours.


By definition, a holdover is a tenant who refuses to leave a rental property once the lease has expired. Holdovers can be tricky to evict, however. Since most leases are designed to switch to a month-to-month basis when they aren\’t renewed, a tenant can\’t be evicted so easily, especially if they continue to pay rent on time.


If you or your family wants to live in your own house again, you can always move in. But in that case, you have to serve a notice to the tenants to move out and give them a specific amount of time according to the state law.

These are the seven problems landlords face with tenants. However, you do not need to be afraid! With our paralegal service team, you can have a successful eviction process.

Is a Qualified Process Server Competent Enough to Notarize Documents?

Only an attorney may provide legal advice, not a paralegal or a notary with process server Sacramento service. The American Bar Association (n.d., para. 2) defines a paralegal as “a person eligible by education, training, or professional experience who is hired or retained by a lawyer, law office, conglomerate, governmental agency, or other entity and who conducts specifically ceded meaningful legal work for which an attorney is accountable.” 


A notary is defined as “a public official appointed by the state and constrained by laws that make them pay for properly identifying signers, taking declarations, administering vows, and keeping track in the performance of their notarization acts” (National Notary Association, n.d., para.)

Can a paralegal be competent enough to notarize documents?

A notarized document contains a notary certificate, which is generally prepared by a notary and certifies that a document was agreed upon by a signer or that the signer made an oath or affirmation that the contents in the document are accurate and correct. The notary public is the only person who is authorized to notarize papers or certifications. If the paralegal works as a notary public, he or she is qualified to notarize the papers or certificates. So you may hire a paralegal services Sacramento to act as a notary, if he is competent enough.

Can a paralegal be Notary?

The answer is yes, they can. It is not uncommon for a paralegal to simultaneously be a notary. Because paralegals frequently deal with documents that must be notarized, there is a natural relationship between the two professions. 

Many attorneys need their paralegals to have become notaries so that they may execute notarization’s into it when necessary and appropriate. Many autonomous paralegals become notaries to broaden the range of services they may provide to potential customers.

Can both of them switch positions?

Almost every paralegal or process server Sacramento is required to provide Notary services. It’s a standard part of the job, which frees attorneys from the burden of meeting with every client that requires a notarization. But being a paralegal Notary is more than just watching someone sign a document and affixing your seal. It is imperative to understand the laws of your state and exactly what is required on the document you are notarizing. So partially yes, they can switch positions, as they both go through some training and knowledge. But in most parts, while a paralegal can easily be a notary but a notary can never be a paralegal.

Which points a paralegal has to keep in mind while notarizing a document?

A written obligation that has been wrongly notarized may be a misery to rectify and may result in a lawsuit to ascertain the document’s intent. It might also result in the failure to satisfy a signer’s requests due to a faulty notarization. A paralegal has to keep in mind also that no two legal documents are the same. A power of attorney is very much different from a will. which is why every paralegal or process server Sacramento should know the notarial requirements of the document they are handling, including:

  • Whose signature needs to be notarized.
  • Whether or not the document must be signed in your presence.
  • If the signing requires a witnesses and, if so, how many.
  • If the paralegal Notary can serve as a witness.
  • State statutes for certifying copies of a signed document.
  • Laws and ethics surrounding notarization’s for family members.

The services from us:

So don’t be scared by all this hassle description. We have some of the best paralegals or process server Sacramento who are experts at doing this notarization. They will also help you with probate paralegal services, landlord eviction services, power of attorney Sacramento service to make your legal process easier.

Process Server Near Me: Checklists To Mark While Hiring

One of the most crucial parts of a litigation process is serving legal documents. But what if you are unable to locate the defendants or witnesses? That is where hiring a professional process server is required. However, appointing the wrong person can cost you even more! Firstly, your money and effort will go in vain. And secondly, yet most importantly, there will be unnecessary delays in the litigation process. However, the days of worrying are gone! We have mentioned some qualities to check while browsing for \’process server near me\’! When everything is up to mark, go ahead and appoint them!

Use proper technology

In general, an automobile and a cell phone are all required to get started with a process service. But if the defendant changes his address or moves out from his current location, how would a process server trace him? Hence, check whether the professionals employ technologies like global positioning, surveillance tools, and easily accessible documentation software to reach out to the required person.


Yet another aspect to check while you\’re up to browsing \’process server near me\’ is whether he possesses a license. Well, to put it simply, a license works much like insurance. A licensed process server assures you that you have endowed the responsibility on the right person! Thus, your money and the court papers are in safe hands.

Persistence services

People remain busy all the time, and thus, it is pretty obvious that they\’d not be in the place where they are supposed to be! Hence, the process server you are willing to hire must think the same way and remain persistent regarding contacting the targeted individuals. And for that, they should not demand any additional charges! Converse with the professionals well about the discussed fact before hiring.


A must-check quality of a process server is how well-informed they are. Hence, while sorting out the results for your search \’process server near me\’. A skilled process server always has access to public records or other tools to gather precise information. Hence, they can find every single detail concerning the target. But how to find that? The best way to have a conversation with the hired process server. However, it\’d be rude to ask them directly. Instead, you can just ask them lightly about how they can get information regarding the targeted person.

Backup planning

Sometimes, the target behaves evasively, which makes it difficult to locate them. But with paralegal services, you can trace them! It\’s because the professional process servers have their backup plans ready. Therefore, while choosing an expert, make sure they have backup plans, including:

Conspicuous delivery

Generally, a process server makes three to four attempts to reach out to the defendant or witness. In some cases, the process server becomes unsuccessful in locating the defendant and serving the required court papers. In such situations, the professionals opt for a conspicuous delivery only if the plaintiff gives him the approval. A conspiracy delivery involves leaving the court documents to the place where the targeted person might stumble upon! The location usually includes the door of the target\’s home or office. It means you need to consider one more point while searching \’process server near me\’, i.e., conspicuous delivery!

Substituted service

In case of substituted service, the process server leaves the documents to the acquaintances of the target who can later deliver the papers safely and conveniently to the defendant or witness. Again here, the approval of the plaintiff is needed.

Get reliable process serving services with us 

 We at LDA Prolegal are dedicated to dragging you out of the judicial cases you are indulged in. And with us, you can get the best possible process of serving services at the most reasonable pricing plan! After taking notes of your requirements, we prepare the court papers and employ a legitimate tracing process to offer you skip tracing and locate the target fast and efficiently. Nevertheless, our legal aid is not restricted to process serving. We offer divorce, child custody, living trust, probate, deed transfer, and landlord eviction services as well.

So, if you need process serving, eviction services, or any other paralegal aid, feel free to contact us!


As a landlord, it would be nice to have tenants who always pay on time, take care of your property, and provide ample notice before moving out. However, the reality is often very different. When the situation becomes untenable, there’s sometimes no choice but to go through an eviction process. Some landlords go through their whole lives without having to evict. In this situation, hiring a landlord eviction service seems to be a good idea.

Below are the five points that will prove to you why you should hire a professional team.

  1. They know the laws

Different states have different laws on eviction. If you fail to follow the letter of the law, your eviction case could thrown out meaning you have likely spent a lot of money and deteriorated your already shaky relationship with your tenant for no reason.

It’s easy to mix up all the legal details. If you get even one piece of the information incorrect, a judge could rule in favor of your tenant. When you acquire aid from a professional probate paralegal service, an experienced team, well versed in the legalities of eviction, handles the matter. And can examine your case and tell you exactly the process you must go through to take care of this messy problem. Eviction service can align every step to give you a much better chance of a positive outcome.

  1. Peace of mind.

Evicting a tenant is stressful, and attempting to work through the legalities is challenging enough! When you use an eviction service, you can be sure that every step taken care of without you having to keep track of every minute detail. Eviction services deal with evictions every day – there’s nothing they haven’t seen before. A service will help you take care of all the steps correctly, in precise order, and promptly.

  1. Safety.

As a landlord, it is safer for you to put your eviction process into the hands of probate paralegal services. It ensures a tenant can’t intimidate or threaten you into backing down – something you may be more likely to do if you’re already confused and stressed out by the eviction process. When you consult a professional eviction service, you protect your property, livelihood, and safety.

  1. Experience

A professional eviction paralegal has dealt with hundreds of eviction cases. He/she knows how to avoid unnecessary escalation. With the experience that professional eviction companies bring, you are much more likely to get a positive outcome in your eviction case with minimum trouble.

  1. Ease.

If you\’re attempting to manage more than one property while simultaneously processing an eviction on your own, something has to sacrificed. It is not an ideal situation. To ease this whole complicated process professional eviction service can help you.

These are the benefits of hiring a good landlord eviction service. Now the only disadvantage is that the professionals may cost you extra money for their services. It is totally up to you whether you prefer your mental health or your money more.

Four most asked questions about probate

Probate involves locating a decedent’s assets, determining its value, paying the dues through the estate funds, and distributing the remaining property among the rightful beneficiaries. The procedure might seem easy and effortless, but in reality, it is both complex and time-taking. Although, when you avail of the assistance of the probate paralegals, handling the processes becomes convenient. Many of you have several queries inside your mind concerning probate. And here, we will be answering the four most common questions.

 Is it necessary to file probate when there is a will?

According to state law, only a living trust can help avoid probate. As you all aware of the fact, filing probate is a considerably substantial investment. However, a will can minimize the expenses of probate. In the last will, an individual usually mentions the name of the executor who is liable to administer the property following the will holder’s death.

How will the probate process take place if there is no will?

If a person passes away with no will, the property allocation occurs in accordance with the California Probate Code. The court will bestow the responsibility of managing the assets of the decedent on an executor. And the appointed person will determine the property\’s worth, collect the assets, guard them till the accomplishment of the case, handle legal disputes, clear the dues and taxes from the estate fund, etc. Since he is in charge of the property, he possesses the right to distribute the remaining assets.

What are the duties of the executor?

If you have read the right-up this far, you are probably aware of the primary duties of an executor. However, his responsibilities are not limited there. He has a lot more errands to run. Like, he is liable for preparing the inventory of the deceased person\’s assets. As you read above, the executor has to pay the dues from the estate funds. If the debts are high, the appointed person-in-charge can sell or liquidate the assets to clear them before the distribution.

How long does probate take to be accomplished?

Probate is quite a lengthy process. However, the duration partially relies on the assets and debts. Additionally, the time might vary depending on the presence or absence of a will. The process can be executed fast if the beneficiaries are located quickly. For a better estimation, make sure to discuss the matter with the probate paralegals.

If you still have any doubt or query regarding the probate process, feel free to contact our experts.


Eviction is the process by which the landlords can eject the tenants from their property. It begins with the landlord giving notice to the tenant to settle the grievances or otherwise vacate his property. The California Eviction Process requires that the landlord has given proper notice, and if the tenant doesn\’t voluntarily move out, the landlord can evict the tenant. In order to evict the renter, the landlord must file an Unlawful Detainer Lawsuit in Superior Court.
When can you evict a tenant?
You can evict

your renters legally in the following cases:

Rent not paid

Well, it is one of the most common reasons for tenant eviction! A landlord can expel the tenants if there is a payment delay of a month or two, depending on the duration for which the tenant has been living in the property.


Suppose you rented property to two, but, your tenant ended up adding two more members to the property, and started taking rent from them. This is serious! Either ask them to put an end to this, or be prepared to be evicted.

Damaging the property

In case the tenant has seriously damaged the property and is unwilling to pay for the damage charges, you have the right to evict them.


If as a landlord, you want to take back your rental property for personal use, you could do so by sending an eviction notice to your tenant.

Commercial use

In case your tenant is using the residential property to run a business of their own from the premises, this can call for an eviction too! Commercial use of residential property could lead you to trouble.

How to evict the tenant?

The eviction process is equally professional just like the one you follow when you give your property on rent.

  • Hire a paralegal: You will need a legal assistant to administer the process to ensure a smooth accomplishment of the eviction. Also, a paralegal can eradicate the friction between you and your tenant.
  • Send eviction letter: A formal eviction letter should be sent to the tenant before you move to the courts.
  • File & send notice: A suit is then filed in the civil court, and the tenant afterward is notified for the hearing.
  • Hearing: Either the tenant leaves the premises without visiting the courts or may contest the notice. In case the tenant contests the case, you will have to wait for the court to give a decision. Make sure you have strong arguments and proof to confirm the eviction.

Evicting someone from your property is not easy. But hiring a good paralegal team can decrease the hassle and stress.