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Roseville jurisdictions in Child Custody decisions

Parents who are new in California or have been residents for years, will eventually discover that jurisdiction is a vital issue in their child custody case. Residency requirements are also applicable.

A child custody determination revolves around the judgement or order of a court that provides legal custody, physical custody, or visitation with respect to the child. It includes permanent, temporary, initial, and modification orders.


How to know if Roseville courts have jurisdiction to make initial child custody determinations?

The involvement of registered LDAs will make your legal papers establish your ground. But we also want to highlight the role of jurisdiction in child custody matters. The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) provides exclusive ground for Roseville court’s jurisdiction to make an initial child custody determination. Overall, the court has jurisdiction if:

  • California is the child’s home state
  • The court of another state does not have jurisdiction or has declined to exercise it.
  • Other courts have the power for jurisdiction but have refused to implement it due to the belief that a court in California is a more reliable forum.
  • No other court of another state has jurisdiction under the grounds mentioned above.


Divorce & Custody
Divorce & Custody



Child’s Home State

A child’s home state is defined as the state where a child lived with a parent or one acting as a guardian for 6 whole months right before the official divorce proceeding. If the child is a newborn less than 6 months old, then the state where the child has been living with the parent or guardian is considered the home state.

Two particular instances can establish jurisdiction in Roseville. The first is when California is the child’s home state on the date of the commencement of the divorce proceeding. The second is if California is the child’s home state within 6 months before the proceedings have begun but the child is absent there currently while one parent or guardian still stays there.

A guardian of the child who is not a biological parent but is granted responsibility when he/she:

  • Has physical custody of the child.
  • Has physical custody for continued 6 months within 1 year of the divorce proceedings.
  • Has been awarded legal custody by court or claims a right to legal custody under California law.


No other home state

When in Roseville, a court of California may grant jurisdiction if the child has no another home state. For any court’s decline of jurisdiction on the reliance of California’s court, the following conditions must be followed:

  • The child and the parents, or the child with one parent or guardian must have a strong connection with California other than just physical presence.
  • There is sufficient evidence available in California regarding the child’s care, protection, training and personal relationships.

There are other rules depending on the scenario. Our professional and compassionate LDAs try their best to make your custody documents foolproof to secure a happy ending.

Child Custody Agreement

The ultimate guide about child custody agreement that can help

Child custody is not so simple as it apparently seems. This is because, in most of the cases, it does not simply end in rewarding the mother with the custody of the child. This issue becomes truly complicated in the situations when the parents are separated, divorced or unmarried. Ending a conjugal relationship with a divorce can be worst for couples as well as for the children or child. Any kind of separation that involves a child finally lead to chalk out a child custody agreement. In today’s blog, we have discussed this agreement in detail. Let’s have some detailed knowledge about it. In addition, also learn whom you need to approach for gaining the custody of children easily and smoothly.

Divorce & CustodyDivorce & Custody



What is a Child Custody agreement?

Child custody agreement refers to a type of written document that outlines the guideline of child custody between the parent and the child. It is formulated and approved generally during the separation and divorce hearing. Child custody agreement must be approved by the judge of the court. This agreement contains several types of instructions such as physical custody of the child, division of the custody, which parent will be entrusted with legal custody of the child and many more. There are mainly 3 types of child custody agreements. Such as:

  • Sole custody- In the case of sole custody, any of the parents have to take the responsibility of the child or children. Here, children live with either of them.
  • Joint custody- Joint custody demands the co-operation from both of the parents. In this custody, both of the parents take care of the child.
  • Split custody- Split custody is a variety of joint custody. Over here, child or children can live with each of them at different time.

However, what type of custody it is, availing the custody might seem like a tedious task for the inexperienced persons. When it comes to getting the custody of your child in a hassle-free way, a paralegal can assist. In the continuing passage let’s learn about how an experienced LDA can help in this regard.

How a paralegal can assist in getting the Child Custody agreement?

Without relevant legal documents, gaining the custody of the child might become problematic. Experienced legal Document Assistants can provide you with all the necessary Child Custody agreement papers. In addition, you might get assured about availing genuine quality child custody documents. Furthermore, paralegals assure about giving the documents in a quicker manner than an attorney. Here the thing does not end. Paralegals or LDAs offer their services at a reasonable cost. Hence, it can be said, paralegals are a highly cost-effective solution to avail the child custody agreement.

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