Life Of A Process Server

Why be a process server? Some say it is, in a sense, a rush, 
something to pay the bills. To others it’s a lifestyle, a career. Being a 
process server is an interesting career choice because each serve can 
yield a different outcome. Every serve is different and an easy serve is 
almost always followed by cursing of the defendant being served. 
Above all else, most like process server system, meeting new people, 
being sneaky, interrogating, creeping, and tailing. It’s almost like 
getting paid to be Batman! What’s the downside? Well. Like most jobs 
there are risks, IE: a tightrope walker can fall, a mailman can criminally 
trespass, and a livestock brander can be rammed. Of course, all these 
risks can be avoided if one follows procedure or adapts to their own. 
The risks of a process server are extensive. You never know who is 
behind the door of the residence you are supposed to be serving. You 
never know the mindset of the defendant in question (the defendant 
could be angry because of divorce, or eviction that they feel is unfair.). 
Presentation is key, in some instances male divorcees have 
accused process servers of being involved in infidelity in there 
marriage. Wearing casual clothes more often than not gives the 
impression that you are more than likely affiliated with the plaintiff. 
Where as wearing business casual or straight business wear can give 
off the impression of working with the plaintiffs lawyer or a regular 
process server company such as LDA! Which is way better than being 
accused of any affiliation with the plaintiff. 
Aside from being Batman or Watson the perks of being a process 
server are almost better than the adrenaline rush. You’re not glued to 
an office chair or even set to regulated hours, you get to travel far and 
wide (within a three city radius typically) while getting reimbursed for 
gas. A Process server meets new characters every day and gets a hefty 
bit of insight into the legal system; it’s a perfect way into the legal field 
if that’s the route you’re going career wise. All in all being a process 
server is more than just a profession, it’s an adventure that never ends. 

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