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Since 2007, we have helped clients prepare a variety of legal documents. Each Legal Document Assistant, LDA, has their own field, they specialize in. Our Legal Document Assistants are highly qualified to prepare your legal documents. We also can refer you to an attorney in our coorperating referral network. We have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.



Save time and money, by hiring LDA PRO Legal Document Assistants to prepare, file, and serve your small claim. For a flat fee we will prepare the necessary documents, spend time at the court house filing your case, serve the Defendants, and prepare you for your hearing. Take advantage of our expertise and low cost fees. Don’t waste time in line at the court house, waiting for your number to be called and worry about whether or not your case will be filed.



Our team consists of registered and bonded Legal Document Assistants. All your information remains confidential. We are members of CALDA, California Association of Legal Document Assistants and the BBB, Better Business Bureau. If you don’t need legal advice, you shouldn’t have to pay for it. We are priced competitively and provide dynamic service, to all our clients.


There are many different types of cases you can file in small claims court. There are also deadlines to file your claim, so time is of the essence.

Demand Letter




It Is Required That The Plaintiff Requests The Defendants Pay The Amount Owed By Hand Delivering A Demand Letter. The Demand Letter, Will Give The Defendants Up To 30 Days To Resolve The Amount Owed. We Prepare and Serve the Demand Letter To The Defendants For A Flat Fee. If They Do Not Pay In Full, You Can Proceed Filing Your Small Claim Suit.

Small Claims

Online Or In Person


Flat Fee $299


Includes: Preparing and Filing Court Documents.
Plus Mandatory Court Filing Fees As Follows:

$0 to $1,500 – Filing Fee $30

$1,500.01 to $5,000 – Filing Fee $50

$5,000.01 to $10,000 – Filing Fee $75

Unless You Qualify For A Fee Waiver.

Small Claims

Process Serving


$79 1st Defendant

$59 2nd Defendant

Within The Sacramento Region.


Out Of Area – $129 1st Defendant

$59 2nd Defendant

Out of Area Service Consists Of Any Serve Outside The Sacramento Region.



How Much Can You Sue for in Small Claims Court?


Individual Person Max $10,000

Business Max $5,000


An individual cannot ask for more than $10,000 in a claim. Businesses and other entities cannot ask for more than $5,000. This limit on businesses does not apply to sole proprietors, who are treated as individuals.  You can file an unlimited amount of claims per year for no more than $2,500. However, you can only file a maximum of 2 claims per year that ask for more than $2,500.

Prepare For Small Claims Hearing


Make 3 Copies Of All Evidence That Supports Your Claim, To Bring With You To The Hearing.

Witness Testimony (Most Cases Witness Must Be Present In Court, Limited Circumstances, Allows A Written Declaration As Testimony To Be Admissible  In Court. It Is Also A Good Idea To Bring, Photos, Bills, Receipts, Contracts, and Other Relevant Documents That Support Your Side.

Types Of Small Claims Cases


There are different kinds of cases you can file in small claims court.

Some common types of small claims cases are disputes about:

  • Property damage or personal injury from a car accident;
  • Landlord/tenant security deposits;
  • Damage to your property by a neighbor;
  • Disputes with contractors about repairs or home improvement jobs;
  • Collection of money owed;
  • Homeowner association disputes; and
  • Many other issues.


Money Judgment Writ


Flat Fee $199

Plus $25 Court Filing Fee



You must obtain a writ of money judgement, to be able to enforce a money judgement. There are additional documents that need to be prepared and served. The Writ Of Execution Of Money Judgement allows you to serve the Sheriff, to collect the money via Bank Levy or Wage Garnishment.

Bank Levy

Wage Garnishment


Flat Fee $299

Plus $60 Sheriff Filing Fee



You must know where the Defendants bank or where the Defendants work, to enforce a Bank Levy or Wage Garnishment. If you need assistance finding out this information we could provide you with different resources that may be able to find this information.

Dead Line To File Your Claim


  • If you are suing because you got hurt, you can file a claim for up to 2 years after you were hurt.
  • If you are suing because a spoken agreement was broken, you have 2 years to file after the agreement was broken.
  • If you are suing because a written agreement was broken, you have 4 years to file after the agreement was broken.
  • If you are suing because your property was damaged, you have 3 years to file after your property was damaged.
  • If you are suing because of fraud, you have 3 years to file after you find out about the fraud. Fraud is when you lose money because someone lied to you or tricked you on purpose.
  • If you are suing a government or public agency, you usually have 6 months to file a claim with that agency. They have 45 days to make a decision. If no decision is made with 45 days, then the claim is considered denied. If they reject your claim, you have 6 months to file a claim with a small claims court. If you do not receive a rejection or acceptance of your claim in those 45 days, you may have more time to file your claim but, to be safe, act within the 6 months or talk to a lawyer to find out for sure how much time you have to file your lawsuit.