All about tenant eviction in Roseville

No landlord thinks about eviction unless and until the tenant is causing some serious problem. If an eviction is done wrongly, it can be expensive and long-drawn. Plus, it will also be a risk to your property. To understand tenant eviction in Roseville, you need to understand the legal processes applicable for California landlords.




Avoid evictions

The best way is to avoid eviction process entirely. Make sure to have a foolproof tenant screening process to get reliable occupants who will pay their rents on time. Non-payment of rent is one of the major causes of evictions in California. If your tenant is not paying on time, you need to replace them immediately with a more dependable one.

Another way to avoid eviction is by implementing consistent rental collection processes. Tenants should be made aware of the due date. Then also if they are late, you can charge them late fees and begin your eviction process.

3 day notice

You cannot evict your tenants without giving them a proper eviction notice. The first notice to be served on a non-paying tenant is the Three Day Notice to Pay or Quit. Be sure that the notice is accurately prepared and includes the exact amount, name, address and phone number of the person on the receiving end. You also have to to mention if the payment needs to be done in person or via mail.

If your tenant normally pays online, you can give that information as well. This will allow your financial institution to be notified and thus, the payment can be made digitally.

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Legal help

If you do not receive the rent even after the Notice is served, then you can move ahead with the eviction process. Be sure to consult a qualified and able LDA. The LDA you hire should have experience with this sort of cases. Before falling for the complications of an attorney, you can recruit an expert LDA and try to sort the matter.

Property managers can also be helpful during the eviction process. But hiring a competent LDA from our acclaimed firm, you can get convenient online assistance and efficient document support. We all know how important documentation is in eviction. Thus, this can be a great pathway to effectively access the eviction forms online.

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