An insight into some of our services

Legal Document Assistants can come to your help in many spheres, whether it is family-related or property-related or a small claim. And, here, we proudly offer you our qualified LDAs to serve you.

To assist in your estate planning

At Ldaprolegal, we can sort out your real estate issues and provide the necessary support to preserve your financial assets. We will hand out to you the mandatory legal paperwork for probate, living trust, deed of transfer or other such files. With our aid, be sure to protect the interests of your estate, as our LDAs are top-notch in their line of work.

Battling the complexities of divorce and custody

As divorce rates are increasing everyday, we are witnessing more clients in this area. This makes us sad but we can promise to take some of the load off your shoulder so that you can focus on the other legal angles of your case. Our registered and bonded LDAs file and serve the family-law documents such as divorce, child custody, child support, guardianship and other sensitive areas. You can smoothly receive the transaction via online means. Our professionalism and ability will guarantee your production of some well-formatted documents at the court.

Eviction services for landlords only

No matter how many are the number of days, we got you covered with our unlawful detainer court documents.

Be freed from unnecessary extra charges

Our financial conditions include that payment needs to be made prior to service. It is not a compulsion to pay what is charged by the Sheriff’s department or for the notary fees or document fees.

Filing the proof of service in the court, over the counter or drop box or by fax, is an extra charge. Prices can change according to service location and circumstances.

Our paralegal services are sure to relieve you from the troubles of accessing these documents via a lawyer.

Our goal is to provide foolproof support for you. We stand by you as you fulfil your legal responsibilities. Keep your full trust in us. Our paralegal assistance will enable you to go through the legal procedures with lesser tension. We have the power of attorney to format your court paperwork.

Browse our site to get hold of our services online at the most convenient prices. We even offer free consultations and discounted service under specific circumstances. In case you are having trouble finding a good attorney, we can refer you to a cooperating one, within our system.

The best ones in California

As we have mentioned about our service details time and again, we also would like to highlight our glorified position in California. Our registered and bonded team of LDAs are some of the renowned paralegals, who have helped hundreds of people in filing, processing and serving their needed legal documents.

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