Is a Qualified Process Server Competent Enough to Notarize Documents?

Only an attorney may provide legal advice, not a paralegal or a notary with process server Sacramento service. The American Bar Association (n.d., para. 2) defines a paralegal as “a person eligible by education, training, or professional experience who is hired or retained by a lawyer, law office, conglomerate, governmental agency, or other entity and who conducts specifically ceded meaningful legal work for which an attorney is accountable.” 


A notary is defined as “a public official appointed by the state and constrained by laws that make them pay for properly identifying signers, taking declarations, administering vows, and keeping track in the performance of their notarization acts” (National Notary Association, n.d., para.)

Can a paralegal be competent enough to notarize documents?

A notarized document contains a notary certificate, which is generally prepared by a notary and certifies that a document was agreed upon by a signer or that the signer made an oath or affirmation that the contents in the document are accurate and correct. The notary public is the only person who is authorized to notarize papers or certifications. If the paralegal works as a notary public, he or she is qualified to notarize the papers or certificates. So you may hire a paralegal services Sacramento to act as a notary, if he is competent enough.

Can a paralegal be Notary?

The answer is yes, they can. It is not uncommon for a paralegal to simultaneously be a notary. Because paralegals frequently deal with documents that must be notarized, there is a natural relationship between the two professions. 

Many attorneys need their paralegals to have become notaries so that they may execute notarization’s into it when necessary and appropriate. Many autonomous paralegals become notaries to broaden the range of services they may provide to potential customers.

Can both of them switch positions?

Almost every paralegal or process server Sacramento is required to provide Notary services. It’s a standard part of the job, which frees attorneys from the burden of meeting with every client that requires a notarization. But being a paralegal Notary is more than just watching someone sign a document and affixing your seal. It is imperative to understand the laws of your state and exactly what is required on the document you are notarizing. So partially yes, they can switch positions, as they both go through some training and knowledge. But in most parts, while a paralegal can easily be a notary but a notary can never be a paralegal.

Which points a paralegal has to keep in mind while notarizing a document?

A written obligation that has been wrongly notarized may be a misery to rectify and may result in a lawsuit to ascertain the document’s intent. It might also result in the failure to satisfy a signer’s requests due to a faulty notarization. A paralegal has to keep in mind also that no two legal documents are the same. A power of attorney is very much different from a will. which is why every paralegal or process server Sacramento should know the notarial requirements of the document they are handling, including:

  • Whose signature needs to be notarized.
  • Whether or not the document must be signed in your presence.
  • If the signing requires a witnesses and, if so, how many.
  • If the paralegal Notary can serve as a witness.
  • State statutes for certifying copies of a signed document.
  • Laws and ethics surrounding notarization’s for family members.

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