A Role Of Paralegal In Family Law

Family law offices are hectic places to work, with tight deadlines and emotionally disturbed clients. A family law paralegal Roseville is responsible for numerous tasks, from the first intake to the final hearing. Petition preparation, discovery, motion practice, client communication, witness location, and investigation are all part of a family law paralegal\’s day-to-day duties.

But before that you have to understand what is family law:

Family law is not all about divorce

Divorce is only one aspect of family law. When most people think about family law, they think of divorce. What many individuals may not know is that divorce is simply one aspect of family law. Adoption, guardianship, paternity, annulment, domestic violence, and child abuse or neglect are also covered under this field of law. As a result, a paralegal position in family law necessitates wearing multiple hats.

Role of paralegal

Here are the roles of paralegal Roseville in family law:

Client intake

Picking up the phone, speaking with potential clients, answering questions, obtaining basic information, and scheduling a session with the attorney are all part of the client intake process. Once the client has visited with the lawyer and agreed to hire the firm, it is the paralegal\’s responsibility to establish a file for the client, give the attorney\’s position to take advantage of a welcome or commitment letter, gather papers and proof of them, and explain what will happen next. A family law paralegal Roseville has been frequently in charge of collecting retainers and inputting new clients into the firm\’s accounting and/or billing system.

Petition Preparation and Motion Practice

After a client hires an attorney, a family law paralegal Roseville schedules any planned hearings, prepares the first filings and/or answers, and files everything including the Court. Because family law matters can entail severe problems, such as child custody and support, many cases necessitate the drafting and filing of numerous supplementary motions and response pleadings, which is the responsibility of a family law paralegal. Preparing debt and asset lists, witness declarations, child support spreadsheets, and/or response petitions might all fall under this category.

Often, the paralegal at a family law practice is the one in charge of ensuring that all is submitted to the Court on time. Composing a covering letter for the Clerk and mailing pleadings to the proper Court for filing in hand at the Clerk\’s office might be examples of this.

Client Communication

A family law paralegal\’s day is dominated by client communication. Paralegals in family law firms frequently interact with clients on a weekly or daily basis during the course of their case. Because of the nature of the profession, the firm\’s clients may be emotional and disturbed; thus, it is critical that a family law paralegal has the people skills necessary to cope with worried and troubled clients.Issues commonly causing distress and dispute among family law clients include:

  • It can be difficult to communicate with a client if he or she is on the losing side of the dispute. Particularly if they do not understand why they lost, or believe they will.
  • No one is happy about the situation, and talking to anyone from the attorney\’s office can bring up feelings of anger and resentment towards the other parent.
  • In family law, many orders governing the parties and their behavior are issued. Violation of Court orders can lead to a lengthy legal battle. The parties may become very angry when the other party does not comply with orders or become abusive towards each other because they do not understand each other.

Discovery and Investigation

Discovery may involve taking a basic form and set of questions and adding additional questions based on the particular facts of the case. Conducting witness interviews, sending requests for production, and issuing subpoenas. Child custody and support cases require investigation into both parties\’ income, expenses, assets, habits, and lifestyles.

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