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Searching for a Paralegal Sacramento? Look no further. Legal Document Assistants is here to help you prepare legal documents same day in most cases. Thinking about getting a divorce? We can help you with your dissolution of marriage. Most individuals think of an attorney or a paralegal when they need legal assistance. Most individuals don’t know or realize that there is an affordable option for legal support. You may choose between an attorney, if you need legal representation in court or the more affordable option a legal document assistant (LDA), if you need assistance preparing, filing, and serving legal documents.




There is a huge difference between a paralegal and a legal document assistant. A paralegal is defined as someone who works for and is supervised by an attorney. A paralegal, cannot legally do work for the general public on their own. Paralegals cannot accept fees for services or independently prepare documents for the general public.

In terms of education legal document assistants are required to obtain a degree from an American Bar Association approved, Legal Assisting program. Many paralegal programs are not approved by the American Bar Association. As a matter of fact there are very few college level programs for Legal Assisting, that are approved by the American Bar Association.

Unlike paralegals, a legal document assistant is authorized, under California law, to prepare legal documents for consumers or the general public. Legal Document Assistants, LDA’s, are required to register and file a bond with the county. LDA’s may have previous experience as a Paralegal working in a law firm or they may have previous experience in the legal services industry. Most LDA’s specialize in many different legal services and court documents. LDA’s, may work with the general public while also providing services such as legal research and administration for attorneys.

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LDA’s are an outstanding resource for the average consumer because they can complete legal forms that may be too complex for the average person to understand, minimizing the cost of hiring an attorney. LDA’s are not permitted to provide legal advice. However, LDA’s may provide clients with legal articles and books, published by an attorney or approved by the courts.

An LDA cannot represent you in court, provide legal advice, and cannot select forms for you. However, most reputable LDA’s may provide you with informational brochures that are published by CALDA, California Legal Document Assistants, which is the organization that governs Legal Document Assistants. These step by step brochures will provide information regarding the legal process for your type of case.

Lower cost is the hugest benefit of hiring an LDA, instead of an attorney. In most cases, you may not need to spend enormous amounts of money for attorney representation, for many legal matters such as: a small claims, name change, uncontested divorce, eviction, living trust, power of attorneys, etc. An LDA may be the solution to resolve these types of matters. Once you’ve hired an LDA, you should take time to review the contract for services which LDA’s are required to give you by law.

Be sure to hire and registered and bonded LDA. Be sure to check with the County Recorder’s Office, for a list of registered legal document assistants in your county. You may also visit: and click on “Find an LDA,” to find a Legal Document Assistant in your area. If you are searching for Paralegal Sacramento or Legal Document Assistant Sacramento and want to learn more about the profession, visit and click on “Become an LDA.”

LDA’s will save you time, and money! If you make sure to take your time and do your research, before hiring a Legal Document Assistant, you will not be disappointed.


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