Probate Paralegal Woodland: Are They Necessary

There are more than a singular branch of law professionals and honestly speaking, some of them are really confusing. Each one has a specific job to do, though the purpose may be the same. Probate paralegal Woodland is a vital part of this law industry. But as an outsider, you might wonder, are they really necessary? If yes, then what is their job and are they truly helpful?

To answer all your queries this blog is here, keep reading this blog to get them all.

Is probate paralegal important?

In aid an attorney with the probate procedure, a Probate paralegal Woodland may be incredibly useful, both in terms of estate management and cost-effectiveness. This field of law can be particularly difficult due to the numerous tax considerations. 

Frequently, the estate is straightforward. Perhaps the probate client has recently lost his or her spouse, and one of the paralegal\’s responsibilities is to assist the client in adjusting to his or her new circumstances. On the other hand, it may be a multimillion-dollar estate with a wide range of assets and tax difficulties.

Beginning the Probate Process

The initial task of probate paralegal Woodland may be to create the documentation required for a court probate proceeding once the attorney has established whether or not a court probate action is warranted. 

A probate paralegal Woodland may ensure that the notice to creditors is published, that the attorney is aware of any creditor claims submitted, and that the multiple timeframes involved in a probate procedure are met, among other things. If ancillary probate is required, a paralegal can contact the decedent\’s attorney in another state about the property he or she owns in that jurisdiction and ensure that the appropriate title transfers are made.

A paralegal can also work closely with the personal representative to ensure that he or she knows his or her obligations and assists the personal representative in carrying out those tasks. They can initially help the personal representative with tasks such as 

  • (a) following up on all government benefits, such as Social Security and veteran\’s benefits; 
  • (b) assisting the personal representative in opening a bank account for the estate; 
  • (c) applying for all life insurance proceeds; and 
  • (d) Assisting the personal representative in determining the steps necessary to protect the estate\’s assets, such as providing proper storage and security of assets, continuing insurance payments, and making monthly payments.

For someone who is new to the procedure, the responsibilities of a personal representative might be intimidating. Many of our customers only serve in that role once in their lives. A paralegal can collaborate closely with the personal representative to ensure that all of the personal representative\’s responsibilities are fulfilled.

Paralegals’ Increased Duties

Paralegals and legal assistants are increasingly doing activities that were traditionally allocated to legal secretaries, in addition to typical paralegal duties. Furthermore, although doing a wide range of activities previously performed by entry-level lawyers, paralegals can be a less expensive option for lawyers.

Increase Incarceration

Since 1972, the number of people incarcerated in US prisons has climbed fourfold. In 2012, there were 2.23 million people in jail, the greatest number in the world. The most significant growth has been in federal prisons, which imprison those convicted of federal offenses, such as robbery, fraud, narcotics, weapons, and immigration. Because of the rise in incarceration, additional legal help, attorneys, public defenders, and paralegals are needed.

Estate planning and their duties

Paralegals in this field typically work in law firms for estate planning attorneys or in probate courts. They may be asked to do the following tasks:

  • Consultation with clients
  • Taking a look at their financial status
  • drafting trusts, wills, or other relevant documents
  • Getting probate forms ready
  • Meeting with customers who have lost a relative
  • assisting in the collection and liquidation of the deceased\’s assets
  • Examining the claims of creditors
  • Putting together estate tax returns

They will also keep clients updated on the case\’s progress and aid with additional documents or paperwork. Writing and communication abilities is advantageous, as is the ability to manage inheritance tax accounting for them as well as for the client.


Because probate paralegal Woodland is taking on additional responsibilities previously assigned to legal secretaries and entry-level lawyers, they are the core of the law business. You can check out our other services like Living Trust Paralegal, Deed Transfer Roseville, Eviction Sacramento, Process Server Sacramento, Eviction Roseville on our website.

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