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Process Server Near Me: Checklists To Mark While Hiring

One of the most crucial parts of a litigation process is serving legal documents. But what if you are unable to locate the defendants or witnesses? That is where hiring a professional process server is required. However, appointing the wrong person can cost you even more! Firstly, your money and effort will go in vain. And secondly, yet most importantly, there will be unnecessary delays in the litigation process. However, the days of worrying are gone! We have mentioned some qualities to check while browsing for \’process server near me\’! When everything is up to mark, go ahead and appoint them!

Use proper technology

In general, an automobile and a cell phone are all required to get started with a process service. But if the defendant changes his address or moves out from his current location, how would a process server trace him? Hence, check whether the professionals employ technologies like global positioning, surveillance tools, and easily accessible documentation software to reach out to the required person.


Yet another aspect to check while you\’re up to browsing \’process server near me\’ is whether he possesses a license. Well, to put it simply, a license works much like insurance. A licensed process server assures you that you have endowed the responsibility on the right person! Thus, your money and the court papers are in safe hands.

Persistence services

People remain busy all the time, and thus, it is pretty obvious that they\’d not be in the place where they are supposed to be! Hence, the process server you are willing to hire must think the same way and remain persistent regarding contacting the targeted individuals. And for that, they should not demand any additional charges! Converse with the professionals well about the discussed fact before hiring.


A must-check quality of a process server is how well-informed they are. Hence, while sorting out the results for your search \’process server near me\’. A skilled process server always has access to public records or other tools to gather precise information. Hence, they can find every single detail concerning the target. But how to find that? The best way to have a conversation with the hired process server. However, it\’d be rude to ask them directly. Instead, you can just ask them lightly about how they can get information regarding the targeted person.

Backup planning

Sometimes, the target behaves evasively, which makes it difficult to locate them. But with paralegal services, you can trace them! It\’s because the professional process servers have their backup plans ready. Therefore, while choosing an expert, make sure they have backup plans, including:

Conspicuous delivery

Generally, a process server makes three to four attempts to reach out to the defendant or witness. In some cases, the process server becomes unsuccessful in locating the defendant and serving the required court papers. In such situations, the professionals opt for a conspicuous delivery only if the plaintiff gives him the approval. A conspiracy delivery involves leaving the court documents to the place where the targeted person might stumble upon! The location usually includes the door of the target\’s home or office. It means you need to consider one more point while searching \’process server near me\’, i.e., conspicuous delivery!

Substituted service

In case of substituted service, the process server leaves the documents to the acquaintances of the target who can later deliver the papers safely and conveniently to the defendant or witness. Again here, the approval of the plaintiff is needed.

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