Process Server Vs. Sheriff

Who is best to hire to get legal papers served? While the Sheriff\’s Department may be the cheaper option, it\’s not the best option. The Sheriff\’s Department only serves, during business hours, which will make it almost impossible to serve someone who works.




Defendants are not so quick to always answer the door for an officer in uniform. Professional Process Servers have a higher success rate than the Sheriff\’s Department, to get the job done. If you think the Defendant may be evading service, you must hire a Professional Process Server.

Most of the time the Sheriff\’s Department is extremely busy and it could take weeks for their 1st attempt. We serve in as little as 4 hours, upon request. We provide same day service and the Sheriff\’s department can\’t compete, with rush service options.

We pride ourselves in customer service. That\’s why many people use our services time and time again. We deliver results. Fast.

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